March 28, 2012

Vitamins for Prenatal - Natures Way Prenatal Formula

Vitamins for Prenatal - Natures Way Prenatal Formula
Product Features

Size: 180
180 Capsules
Serving Size: 2
90 Servings Per Container

Product Description
Size: 180
This product has been specially formulated for pregnant or lactating women with nutritionally balanced potencies of B vitamins and buffered vitamin C mineral ascorbates to avoid possible stomach discomfort.

5-Star Customer Review
"I have been taking these vitamins since before I became pregnant to help pepare my body. I am very happy with these pre-natal vitamins. I have a very sensitive stomach and I don't do well with vitamins because they easily upset my stomach and cause nausea. These vitamins, however, are gentle to my stomach and don't cause any nausea. I have taken them on an empty stomach (when I was a big hurry in the morning) and they still didn't upset me. Now that I am 24 weeks pregnant, I have continued taking them and I haven't had any nausea nor an upset stomach. I highly recommend these vitamins to anyone who is preparing to become pregnant and to any mom who is already pregnant."

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Vitamins for Prenatal - Natures Way Prenatal Formula

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