February 20, 2012

Vitamins for Prenatal: Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System

Vitamins for Prenatal: Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System

Product Description
Size: 180 Tabs
Advanced nutritional protection that delivers research-based potencies of optimal vitamins and minerals critical to supporting a baby’s healthy development and mom’s nutrition and energy.

Product Features
Size: 180 Tabs
Food-based and 100% natural, Superfood Vitality Blend plus a Gentle Prenatal Blend with chamomile and ginger juice, delivers pure and gentle support for pregnant and nursing women
Complete, research-based nutrition with 1,000 mg Calcium and 800 IU Vitamin D3 that promote strong bones and muscles, 1,000 mcg folic acid and 30 mg iron
Plant-source enzymes and 30 million probiotics are gentle on the stomach
All purchases of this product help fight malnutrition worldwide through donations to Vitamin Angels
Contains no sugar, lactose/dairy, wheat, gluten or yeast

5-Star Customer Review
"When the prescription prenatal I had been taking for 5 years was suddenly unavailable, I worried. It was the only iron source I've ever taken that kept me in a normal iron range. A friend suggested Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System. Most of the ingredients are derived from food sources, so your body absorbs it better like the food it is. I feel great, I don't have any kind of stomach upset (like I did with other prescription brands), and most important to me - it's gluten free! "

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